As clinicians in the first instance, we  recognise that untoward incidents are likely to occur unless laser operators are properly trained and competent and have reliable mentoring support.

Administering safe, successful treatments and providing a professional and  discreet   service is the recipe for success in the laser business.  Our laser training advocates  the highest standards and includes:
  • Laser  theory and practice
  • Practical training in IPL and Class I Lasers
  • Methods to deliver a professional service
  • Certification for CQC licence application
*Please contact us for further information.*

It is a legal requirement in the UK to obtain a licence from the regulatory body before providing any laser treatments to the public.   The CQC  application process can be  daunting, to say the least. We make it easy by handling all aspects of the process, some of which  include the following CQC requirements:
  • Application forms
  • Training certificates
  • Policy and procedure documents
  • Business plan
  • Criminal Records Bureau check
  • Site floor plan
  • Appointment of Laser Protection Advisor
  • Risk assessments
  • Expert Medical Protocols
*Please contact us for futher information.*

Administering laser treatments can be nerve wracking for a newly qualified therapist and building confidence takes time and practice. We offer a mentoring service to provide support to our clients after they have trained with us. You'll never feel like you're groping in the dark, which means less risk of untoward incidents and more happy clients for you. 

A blog is also soon to appear on this site as a forum for practitioners to exchange the following helpful information:
  • findings re. successful parameters
  • efficacy/user friendliness of equipment
  • equipment supplier service reviews
  • marketing and client management ideas
In our personal experience failure of equipment suppliers to deliver  timely engineering support and consumables  can affect one's business critically. We aim to provide feedback on supplier service ratings and reputation, which is invaluable assistance in knowing who to trust before purchasing expensive equipment or being tied in to rental/profit share schemes.
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Laser Training & Certification:
£750 per person (Free with equipment purchase/rental)

CQC Registration + Policies & Procedures:
£950 per outlet (CQC licence is site specific)

Mentoring: Free after training

*Please contact us for further details*
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