Most manufacturers claim to be market leaders and it's hard to know who to believe. As clinicians, we understand the frustration of  incurring unforseen costs by being tied to expensive finance or rental agreements for poor quality equipment with  substandard after-sales support from suppliers.

Our experience of the laser market puts us in a unique position to act in your  interests by helping you to  choose  the most suitable equipment selected from a range of manufacturers that  suit  your requirements and your budget.  Profit share, rental or purchase options are available.

We give no nonsense appraisals on on a wide range of tried and tested IPLs, Lasers and Radio Frequency devices, by various manufacturers.  It's our pleasure to provide  salon and client reviews of this equipment (available on our BLOG soon, currently obtainable by contacting us), based on the following:
  • results
  • client comfort
  • consumable costs
  • after sales support
  • repair & service ratings
Good training, reliable equipment and efficient after sales support  are key to building a profitable laser business, as is staying abreast of technology, research  and new developments.  We take care of this for you, leaving you time and peace of mind  to administer  great treatments that deliver their promises. 

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The profit share scheme involves no initial  financial outlay. It's quite  simply a straightforward   share of profits,  after costs.  This is helpful to business starters without established clientele, and a good way to test the water. 


The rental option will yield higher profits than the profit share scheme.  It involves an advanced monthly rental charge on equipment and payment of  consumable costs in arrears each month.   If your business is established, this is a good way to keep abreast of technology, since it's easy to upgrade.

Purchasing equipment yields the highest profit margin of all three options and is a good choice  for busy and well established salons that  do high turnover and can pay off equipment in a relatively short period of a few years.

*Please contact us for further information.*
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