Swann Laser was established by Hannah Swann in London, UK, in 2006.  She was registered and licenced by the Healthcare Commission in June 2004 (now CQC) and has worked continuously as a laser practitioner in various clinics in the UK since then. She is qualified in the use of 13 different laser devices and has worked periodically as a laser trainer in south England.

Swann Laser provides freelance laser services to clinics in London, Surrey, Sussex, Somerset and Carmarthenshire.  

Sarah-Jane Potts

I have been having laser treatments with Hannah for over a year now and can honestly say the results are amazing. Hannah is impeccably professional, caring and flexible. She is also very honest about your expectations and what you can expect from the results. I would not hesitate to recommend her and the laser treatment she offers. First class service and care :)

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"Michelle Humphrey" <fabulousfingertips@hotmail.co.uk> Wed, April 7, 2010 11:23 pm "Hannah Swann" <hannah@swannlaser.com>

To whom it may concern: I first went to see Hannah about two years ago in Muswell Hill, North London... On my first visit I went for a consultation and patch test, she was 100% professional and made me feel at ease. I have since been having various areas treated and I can honestly say that I have gained more confidence! I no longer have to worry about getting ingrowing hairs and the scars they have caused me in the past. It has also saved a lot of time and money as i no longer have to go for my monthly waxing! The results have been fantastic. I can't thank Hannah enough for all her hard work. Michelle Humphrey, Ashurst Wood, West Sussex.

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I visited Hannah in April 2007 after being recommended I should visit her for laser hair removal from a family relative.

I was previously getting laser hair removal from Skin in London (Shaftsbury Avenue) and I was not seeing results from them. I had 6 treatments from them on my upper and lower arms and I had paid them a large amount of money for what turned out to be a bad service. I was still getting a lot of hair growth on my arms.

After my 6 treatments were finished I decided to visit Hannah 6 weeks after I finished with Skin. I immediately saw better results from Hannah's laser hair removal service. The machine she was using was faster and less painful than the machine used at Skin. I continued to get the hair on my arms removed alongside my underarms. The results were fantastic and I only need the odd top-up on a few strays, which is about every 7-8 months.

As I was so pleased with these results, I decided to get my stomach area treated on and I have most recently begun treatment on my bikini line. The results on my stomach are fantastic!

I continue to visit Hannah because of the outstanding service she provides. She is thorough and professional. I have recomenned Hannah to my friends and family and currently am aware that one of my friends also receives treatments from her.

If you would like any further information, I will be happy to provide it. Puneeta


18th October 2016

I have worked with Hannah Swann since 2010 and have always found her to very professional in every way. She has an excellent rapport with my clients. Clearly explains treatments and aftercare.   Hannah is always hard working and 'goes the extra mile' to help clients. We enjoy having her as a part of our team and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Ann Winney

Owner, Columbines Health & Beauty

21st  October 2016

Hannah Swann has worked with us as a laser therapist since 2010.  She has a lovely manner with our clients and is professional and friendly. We are delighted to give her a reference.

Vicky Luxton

Partner, The Beauty Lounge