CELLULITE REMOVAL and outstanding
SKIN TIGHTENING are  promises that are delivered by this cutting edge technology. 

The treatment is suitable for  the face and body.  It's especially good  for tummy tightening  after giving birth and also improves double chins and fine facial lines.  The delicate skin around the  eyes  can also  be treated  without risk. 

RF systems  heat the dermal layers of the skin, which stimulates the collagen fibres to react and pull together again, as they were before becoming lax.  Fat cells that have bunched together forming cellulite, are heated up and smoothed out again, as they were before celluite appeared.

There is no invasive surgery involved in the RF procedure, which is relatively quick.
Most people say it feels like a warm stone massage. There may be slight redness and warmth in the area after treatment, but you're able to return to your regular routine straight away.

The remarkable results achieved with the RF procedure far exceed any non invasive methods to date. For best results, a  course of treatments is advised.

CAVITATION (RF Fat Buster) is new technology that is  a non-invasive form of liposuction, which  works! BUT  it's not suitable for anyone with osteoporosis. 

Heat and oxygen are used  to rupture fat cells, which are then drained of their fatty acids with suction. It's relatively  pain-free and can be administered during a  lunch hour session.  You may feel slightly achy the day after treatment,  as your body is adjusting.

Cavitation is good for  losing inches of  stubborn  body fat e.g. on the hips or buttocks, but it's advisable to follow a healthy diet to maintain inch loss.  For the best results you may need a number of treatments, depending what is to be achieved.  
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